Yahoo-Facebook merger, Timing is everything

Yahoo-Facebook merger could be win-win, according to the Wall Street Journal.

That was the CNET headline about 4 years ago. Citing ComScore Media Metrix, “Yahoo had more than 131 million unique visitors in the United States last month, while Facebook had about 14.8 million.”

Where are they now?

As of last week, ComScore clocked Yahoo! at 167 million uniques with Facebook closing in at 130 million. But that’s only part of the news.

The bigger and more overwhelming story?

On June 14th, Google’s Doubletake unit reported that eclipsed all others as the leading website in the world with 540 million unique users and 570 billion page views, reaching 35.2 percent of the total Internet population through April 2010, and are now approaching 500 million total users.

Hindsight is 20/20, so it’s easy to play Monday Morning quarterback. But clearly, this was a very big fish that got away. In 2006 Yahoo! was still believing their own press releases and failing to see a new wave emerging.

But what are you missing in your own business? Is there a trend you’ve been afraid to jump on for fear of losing what’s in your hands right now? Are there upstart companies (maybe run by 20-somethings) with “no clue about how it really works in your industry?”

Double-check your assumptions. Take a risk or two. And whatever you do, don’t be a Yahoo!