In Part I of the Free Download vs. Paid Debate I told you I was going to be conducting research comparing visitor signup rates using content giveaways vs. paid content.

As John Hunt pointed out in his comment, this is basic psychology. Agreed.

But what we B2B marketers lack is field data. While there’s loads of research on consumer (B2C) marketing, there is surprisingly little for us B2B marketers to go on.

I’m starting my experiment today and I need your help.

I’ll be using my Press Release Checklist site, which has been in operation for the last 18 months, collecting analytics and conversion data.

On the site visitors get:

  • My nifty 4-page Press Release cheatsheet
  • A $100 discount voucher for 25% off PR Newswire national press releases (unlimited use)
  • Example press releases
  • The mp3 from a recent PR teleseminar I conducted
  • 30+ days of e-mail coaching tips, additional resources and Q&A

Now I need your help getting traffic to the sight…

If you know anyone who wants help getting their PR/publicity off the starting blocks, could you please send them to the site?

Even if PR isn’t part of your marketing mix right now, I’d appreciate your click.

I’ll report back with the results in a month or so.

  • Tom “Bald Dog” Varjan


    Since I’ve bought almost everything you’ve recommended, Drilling For Gold alone is a goldmine, I’ve bought the $7 Report.

    It’s very good. It puts free content in a new perspective. The $7 price demonstrates some commitment, hence acts as a good prospect filter.

    So, I’m about to finish digesting the $7 Report, and then I can order your Press Release Checklist.

  • John Fox

    @Tom: Many thanks for your purchases!

    Two things — First, as I said in my Part 1 post, the sales funnel diagram, on its own, is worth $7. I can’t tell you how often I have to explain customer flow to an employee, client or contractor. I opened the Installation Guide in Acrobat, exported the page to jpg files, cropped the image out of page 9 using Irfanview (a free image viewer) and pasted it into my PowerPoint. Much superior to a hand-drawn whiteboard block diagram.

    Second, I used the PHP script (included free with the $7 report) on my website. Since I was comfortable with HTML, getting it to work was a cinch. And as you’ll see when you buy my Checklist, it works flawlessly.