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Cost of PR, Newswire Pricing & PRNewswire Discount Promocode

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I just finished comparing PRNewswire’s US1 National Newslines with PRNewswire’s Tier-1 offered exclusively through

The master list is on PRNewswire’s site here or you can download the list (careful, it’s a 169 page pdf!).

Guess what? They’re identical services!

eReleases must have some kind of cool, bulk distribution deal with PRNewswire. That’s good for them and good for you and me.

What about cost? Here’s my price comparison:

According to PRNewswire 2015 pricing, the cost for a 500 word press release on US1 is:

$795 (first 400 wds) + $205 (second 100 wds) = $1,000*
(*plus annual membership: $195)

Submitting your release to PRNewswire through is:


Click to go to for the $100 promocode
Then apply:

$50 discount Promocode, the cost is: $349 (65% savings)


$100 discount Promocode, the cost is: $299 (70% savings)


When I save that kind of dough, I like weird. Don’t you?

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