B2B Small Business Marketers To Follow On Twitter

Wanted: Outstanding B2B Small Business Marketers
Who are the Go-To B2B marketers serving small businesses?

Should you be on this list?

Do you know anyone who should?

Want to nominate an agency, consultant or an outstanding Marketing VP/Director?

A New Twitter List

I’m building a new, segmented list of Marketing Leaders. It’s NOT list of top B2B marketers (there are more than 50 lists like that on Twitter already).

And it’s NOT a list of marketers serving small business. Existing lists are too B2C….nice for mom & pop retailers and online consumer products storefronts, but little aid for B2B-ers.

B2B Small Business Marketers To Follow On Twitter

I’m building a list of Go-To B2B Marketers who primarily service Small Businesses (5-100 employees).

Who should be on the list? Maybe you?

What sets this list of B2B Small Business Marketers apart?
  1. It includes in-house marketers and internal agencies. In fact, I’m betting consultants and external agencies will be in the minority.
  2. Most will admit that their main priority is to support the efforts of the sales team.
  3. Not afraid to work for companies with champagne tastes and beer budgets. In fact, it’s a fun challenge!
  4. Know how to develop marketing plans and programs that work for the direct sales force as well as resellers and distributors.
Nominate a B2B Small Business Marketer now!

It’s really simple. In the comment area bellow, just enter the twitter @username.

I’ll begin posting the list as soon as I’m able to verify 10 nominations.

PS, Please let others know about this new list by Tweeting and forwarding this link: http://sn.im/b2bsmb Thanks!

  • http://www.chrometa.com Brett Owens

    Hey John, great idea – our two go-to guys are:


    Both have been great working with us, so you know they must have passed the “champagne taste, beer budget” test especially :) Not to mention the sales-driven aspect – as you know that’s all that counts here!

  • http://www.chrometa.com Brett Owens

    And on the social media end, we also work with @barrettdavid, who specializes on connecting with solo and small firm attorneys

  • http://whoismicheleprice.com Michele Price

    I have three for you:


  • http://blog.publishedandprofitable.com Roger C. Parker

    Dear John:
    This sounds like a great project, as your projects always turn out to be.

    I’d like to recommend: